when you work in a refugee camp, a lot of days can feel overwhelming and discouraging because of the level of need. my friend emily helped me change my outlook by having me report the "dopes" and "nopes" of every day. i still have a journal from my time in greece filled with "dopes" and "nopes." this cookie pays homage to my time in greece, reminding me that simple things like cookies are "dope" and can change a person's day for the better. 

the dope cookie was developed, like all good things, from a craving for a snack. looking to the dry storage area at work from which to draw inspiration, i took assorted nuts, seeds, and fruit that i knew would go well together to elevate the chocolate chip cookie bed on which they would go. the result was evidently dope. in the spring/summer season, these white chocolate chip cookies have an addition of dried apricot and white sesame seed baked on top. in the fall/winter, these milk chocolate chip cookies have an addition of dried fig and pumpkin seed baked on top.