lebanese shortbread / box of 6


Katherine grew-up in a Lebanese household where traditions were kept and expressed in food, stories, and family weddings. Pronounced "ghri-bee" with a gutteral "g," these cookies always made an appearance at Christmastime as a gift from Lebanese neighbors. Every year Katherine would hide these cookies to enjoy as a Christmas treat all to herself, but they truly are a fantastic choice year-round and great to share around a cup of tea!


The crumbly texture from these cookies come from the ghee and granulated sugar that is whipped together for several minutes, incorporating lots of air into the cookie. We like ours topped with pine nuts, but they can also be made with almonds or pistachios. They are absolutely perfect paired with a cup of tea or strong coffee.

  • Please Note:

    The Lebanese Shortbread cannot be shipped due to their crumbly nature. Available for local pick-up only! 


    21% of sales from these boxes in the month of August will be sent directly to Lebanese relief efforts. 

    Lebanon has experienced extreme economic crisis in recent months, leaving families hungry. On top of COVID-19 and years of political unrest,  the explosion in Beruit has only added to the country's devastation. Money will be given directly to families in Lebanon and will be used for food, medicine, and other necessities. 

    Use link below to add an additional donation to help fund relief efforts for families struggling in Lebanon during this time.