Meet The Team

katherine j. slevin


Katherine has had a life-long pastry obsession and a heart to serve others. Growing-up surrounded by rich Lebanese tradition, she was taught the importance of faith, food, and culture from a young age. She has spent her career in the pastry arts fine-tuning her craft in some incredible kitchens both here and abroad. She moved to Maine in 2013 and in 2016 volunteered on the island of Lesvos, Greece at the peak of the Syrian refugee crisis. The sum of Katherine's life experiences has led her to establish C. LOVE.

When she's not recipe-testing or reading pastry books like a nerd, her other favorite hobbies include: meeting friends in a cafe locally or abroad, riding around Portland on her bike (aka the dreamsicle), learning new languages, traveling to new places and getting lost in foreign cities.. always with pastry in hand.

FAVORITE COOKIE: Let's just say her high school boyfriend asked her to prom with a giant chocolate chip cookie. 

Will also accept nutmegdudes as an answer depending on the day...

iman enan


Iman is a lady of many talents. Born in Iraq, she moved to the United States in 2013 with her family. Iman joined C. LOVE very early on with an interest to learn baking and pour her heart into others. She has quickly become a skilled baker and today is the lead baker in C. LOVE's kitchen, making sure you get the absolute best chocolate chip out there!


When Iman is not counting pars or loading trays in and out of the oven, she can be found wandering around new places, camera in hand to capture each moment. She loves to frequent cafes and read books on all sorts of topics ranging from psychology to history. Only time will tell where Iman's talent will take her!

FAVORITE COOKIE: Anzac biscuit

ange bonheur



Ange's name means "angel" in French, and that is exactly what she is. Born in Rwanda, she came to the United States with her daughter Rianne. She is strong but gentle, and is one of the hardest working women on the team. Her smile and warm personality can actually be tasted in each cookie she makes! 

When she's not hauling cookie dough across the kitchen, she is with her daughter enjoying the company of neighbors and friends. Ange is working towards opening her own business selling Rwandan goods to support women in her hometown of Kigali.

FAVORITE COOKIE: Whichever cookie Rianne is eating, which is any of them, by the way!

laura palacios



Laura is our all-around rockstar when it comes to artistic design. Katherine met Laura back when she moved to Maine in 2013, and in support of C. LOVE, Laura hopped on as resident photographer and web designer. She continues to work her craft, supporting nonprofits with marketing materials through her company LEP Design.

When she's not photo layering on photoshop or fine-tuning a logo, she can be found in the classroom teaching middle schoolers about Van Gogh and how to sculpt with clay. She volunteers her time in Lewiston and loves being a newlywed to her husband, Rodrigo, and one days hopes to open a jewelry company that connects women here with jewelers in his home country of El Salvador. 


FAVORITE COOKIE : Anything that Katherine makes in her recipe tests that are vegan! 

allison zittel


Allison is our behind-the-scenes numbers person and keeps C. LOVE organized and running. She brings patience, laughter, and peace of mind to the team by through her work approach. C. LOVE would not be able to run smoothly without her! 

When she's not creating profit and loss sheets, you can find her tending to home projects or to her garden. She additionally co-owns her husband's art business, Salt & Soil, which keeps her busy!


FAVORITE COOKIE : Goat's milk caramel shortbread  

connie wilson




Connie is one of the most joy-filled people on the planet. She has been blessed with the gift of hospitality, which essentially means that when you meet her, you immediately feel taken care of, as if you have known her your entire life. Connie is a fantastic cook and has a garden that wraps around her entire home, so everything connie makes is fresh and from the heart.

Connie loves being outdoors and near the water. When she's not out on her boat or swimming, she enjoys spending time with her husband, exploring Maine's local brewery scene.


FAVORITE COOKIE: Lebanese shortbread