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katherine has a heart for people and a love of the pastry arts. growing-up surrounded by rich lebanese tradition, katherine was taught the importance of faith, food, culture, and family from a young age. she has spent her career in pastry, fine-tuning her craft in some incredible kitchens both here and abroad. she moved to maine in 2013 and in 2016 volunteered on the island of lesvos, greece at the peak of the syrian refugee crisis. the sum of her life experiences has led her to establish c. love.  

operating as an L3C (mission-driven, for-profit business), the mission of c. love is two-fold:

cookies are created, baked, and packaged out of a fully-licensed commercial kitchen and sold throughout portland via wholesale partnerships and individual orders. 

  21% of c. love cookie sales are given directly to three local organizations: 

portland adult education, the root cellar portland, and way of life mission.  

these extraordinary organizations work directly on a daily basis with the international community of portland.

the other growing part of c. love’s mission is

one-on-one baking classes with immigrant women and their families.

katherine has partnered with the opportunity alliance’s WIN program (women in neighborhoods) to create an environment where women feel welcome and encouraged to share their stories in a communal kitchen atmosphere. the baking classes have been a way to truly connect and empower these women!